The poem (splendid inhabitants of a splendid world, but...)


Parallel to the duration of the exhibition "the mind is natively vice" at Spazio Cut in Bolzano, Italy, a site-specific artwork titled A Poem (splendid inhabitants of a splendid world, but...), 2023 was installed on the facade of BASIS Vinschgau Venosta Silandro, Italy, to increase awareness of the institution's importance and its precarious situation. The poem thematises the intellectual autonomy of art from the economical system and aims at creating awareness on the importance of local cultural institutions that enable and support the production of culture. Sarah Kürten was herself a resident artist at Basis, Vinschgau Venosta in 2022. Basis is a cultural space and creative Hub in an old military base, with an amazing potential. So far the huge areal is only partly restored and used as a cultural space, but there were plans to raise fundings and awareness to turn the whole site into a multifunctional space, hosting exhibitions, conventions and concerts or even an art school. Unfortunately a few days after Kürten left to return to Germany, parts of the old military base were without further notice demolished and lot of its potential might be wasted. 

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