In Numbers

In Numbers


The booklet In Numbers is dedicated to questions of gender politics and the consequences of gender roles in relationships, across generations and classes. In particular, the testimonies of women who have experienced struggles, discrimination or violence because of their gender. These experiences are thematised and catalysed in artistic works in In...

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She always focussed on girls and women, pain and injury, and the right to protect virginity. Sometimes she used panty liners as her canvas – for her, they carried meaning as, worn close to the body, they can provide evidence of sex crimes. Her work also signalled the burgeoning strength and defensiveness of women in a chauvinistic environment. Of...

Am Tag


Am Tag, in Numbers No 3 by Hamburg based artist Sabine Dusend, contains a chain of intimate text fragments and photographies. Mirroring the fragility of the self in relationships through objects, landscapes and closeups. Reflecting moments of true self awareness in absence of the other.

Issue No 4 by Paula Kamps contains a series of intimate shots of Chicago. The city the artist moved to to get married. It carefully reflects on that settlement, and the idea of marriage in short prose, accompanying modified photographs.

Issue no 2 by Anna Maria Shkroba, contains a series of drawings of a horse slowly vanishing page by page into a blue blur. Sometimes reappearing in fragments, only to slip back into oblivion.

No hard feelings is a short story about the women in the artists Sarah Kürtens' family. Exploring the idea of emancipation throughout generations. It tries to define the idea of emancipation as a an ongoing process often undermined or even prevented by self betrayal and heritage. How change in society, has to sometimes "grow out" and can not...

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