careful what you wish for


Careful what you wish for, solo-exhibition at Artothek Köln.

Sarah Kürten's work thrives on a close connection between images and self-written texts, which merge into artistic units under the common title of the poetic. As an author and visual artist, she realizes her proximity to language, especially linguistic images, which she combines equally with sensitively collaged prints. She creates atmospherically dense moments from found images by coloring and overlaying them. Whether the entry into these works is through the content of the English-language texts or through visual impulses - images and typesetting - is left to the preferences of the audience. These media types can both be accessed from more than one angle and at the same time offer a media-extension to the questions raised. Both facets of the work together create a poetic atmosphere that opens up space for free associations. At the Artothek, Sarah Kürten reflects on social questions, particularly the coexistence of opposing forms of existence. The dazzling meets the precarious, longings meet reality. They reflect the tensions in everyday existence, between different social and economic groups.

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