- Domestic currents - 

has been postponed

a new date will be released soon

with Liv Rahel Schwenk at Zeitkapsel, Möhringer Straße 60 70199 Stuttgart 

two glasses of white wine in the burning sun 

and here it is,

something to tell you

because I know you understand

this means
access for now 

and envy 

walking on white stairs 

to a rooftop
beige linen covers

and grey felt cushions
and yet only one I would allow 


 to my brain
and they do not live there 

two at the nearest bistro; a living hotel-etiquette/ delirium already _ before knowing what's valuable - joining in with discrete little jokes "this toast is to be eaten! " so make it eatable... 

applause for the wooden floor/ it captured conversations for 5 min – empty now but meditativley drunk leaving nothing but purple stains and a memorable story or just beetroot souveniers/ cleaning the dining room, table cloth, bowls of flowers, sweap the floor – youth is age 24 – she gave away the dress not much later  

 heavy lies the whale in surges‘ moist - here dwells the beast of two square seas and islands strange and blood sows upstream in waters‘ motion hills  -  the first little wrong on oiled nurtured nerves channels‘ half-liquid copulations, as two waters move in winds and rains abominations shadow rises - multiplied under the seas‘ marked ways,  hands first grasp what’s hollow,  till strange extremities point to continents of over-painted fog and digging fingers reveal old and muddy lands, trace lightly swamps‘ red-ironed earth - them sleeping curled now, under the great falls‘ smoking roofs - time drinks cities through waves of grass, growing light on spiky corners  - dead ends in chains and music grows loud behind stained windows -  its best for now, one says, this field is fiery dark - pass me the pill to cheat them voices of monotonous-mediocre seas

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