no hard feelings


No hard feelings is a short story about the women in the artists Sarah Kürtens' family. Exploring the idea of emancipation throughout generations. It tries to define the idea of emancipation as a an ongoing process often undermined or even prevented by self betrayal and heritage. How change in society, has to sometimes "grow out" and can not necessarily be forced upon intellectually. How the reality of processes of emancipation differs from the facts forced upon by the circumstances provided by society as a whole. It calls to the artists' Mother as Twen-Mother, referring to a magazine published in the 1960s in Germany, to set a time line of progression. Going back and forth from there on to the 1940s of her Grandmothers and contemporaneity, in taking a look at her sister life and the artist herself. All of the portraits females suffered through suppression and experienced violence in different forms and of difference severeness by men.

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